Joe Kiskis

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Department of Physics
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
(530)752-4717 fax
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Courses I have taught:

  1. Physics 9B Classical Physics
  2. Physics 9HB Honors Classical Physics
  3. Physics 9HC Honors Classical Physics
  4. Physics 245A High Energy Physics
  5. Physics 245B High Energy Physics
  6. Physics 223B Group Theory
  7. Physics 230B Quantum field theory
  8. Physics 230C Quantum field theory

Research interests:

  1. Elementary particle physics
  2. Quantum field theory
  3. Lattice gauge theory
  4. Recent papers

Other links:

  1. Trip to Baffin Island, July 2016
    For higher quality, download the file linked above.
    (File size about 115 MB. Type .m4v, an Apple version of .mp4)
  2. Trip to Nepal, Tibet, and Mt. Everest, April 2013
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  4. Council of UC Faculty Associations
  5. Physics Department web listing for me