winter 2003

Joe Kiskis


(at least occasionally)

Einstein as
young rake

This course uses the honor system. You are on your honor to follow the Code of Academic Conduct.

Documents for the course:

  1. Course goals
  2. Introduction
  3. If your grade in Physics 9HA was C+ or below or if you were not in Physics 9HA, fall 2002, please read this.
  4. How to read physics.
  5. Readings
  6. Problem sets
  7. Labs
  8. A note on Unstable particles.
  9. The pion decay example.
  10. Variational principles and physics.
  11. Lorentz transformation and geometry ppt or pdf.
  12. Four-vector notation and the metric.
  13. The Lorentz transformation in four-vector notation.
  14. Weird units.
  15. Momentum 4-vector notation.
  16. General relativity and cosmology by Dr. R. Harris.
  17. Gravity and Geometry.
  18. Cosmology.
  19. Midterm info.
  20. Winter 2001 midterm.
  21. First law stuff.
  22. Foundations.
  23. Stat. mech. and thermo. main points.
  24. Photon statistical mechanics and blackbody radiation.
  25. Blackbody emission.
  26. More cosmology.
  27. Winter 2001 final.
  28. Final information.

Archive of messages to class list.
The program StatMech from the text author (T. Moore) is available at the bottom of the list of programs on this page.

Links to interesting sites:

Great new cosmology data from the MAP spacecraft
Alternative donut view: Try this.
(If doesn't work for you, go to My UCDavis and get to the NY Times and then to the Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2003 science section.)
Cosmology links collected by Professor Albrecht.
A nice, readable article on inflation by Alan Guth.
A Sober Assessment of Cosmology at the New Millennium by M. Turner

Read about high energy physics (my research area) and, at the same time, do a non-trivial test of our PDF compatability here. (This requires a PDF reader, which can be stand-alone or a plug-in for your browser).